Foreign Treatment - US Flagged Vessel

Photo by DocBudie

The following letter came in via satellite from forum member [Click HERE to read the full blog article.](… [url=

well being a ship agent for 15 years now, although never worked with fishing vessels, only deep draft, such a story does not surprise me, there are 1000’s of greek and chinese owned bulk carriers with chinese crew onboard making $400 per month moving around the world transporting the raw materials that supply american industry’s, steel mills, and power plants, being a republican it does not make me smile, but i certainly understand the economics involved

i have worked with eastern euro merchant sailors from the former soviet republics for years, believe me, sailors trained and employed under socialists systems are not much better or worse off…

The minimum wages in Indonesia I understand are about equal to $100 per month or less or $1200 per year.