Football World Cup 2018

I know that this is not important to most Americans, but in England and Sweden it is THE most important thing right now.

The quarter final match between them kicks off in 3 hrs. from now and only one team can go on to the Semi final and MAYBE to win the cup.

Two former stars of the two teams, who also happen to be past and present players in LA Galaxy has entered into a wager on the outcome:

So, will Zlatan be shopping at IKEA or eating Fish n’ Chips at Wimbledon??
Any wagers from forum members?

England 2, Sweden 1.

I hope Zlatan enjoy Fish n’ Chips then.

A couple more hours to find out, the Soccerbot program is picking England as well. But anything can happen.

I never attended a soccer match or even watched it on TV when I lived in Europe. Now that I have a flat screen the size of Rhode Island I’ve started watching bits of the Cup matches. I’m enjoying it but I wonder why they still put up with the nonsense of a player who has light contact with an opponent carrying on like an actor in a Shakespearian play dying of multiple stab wounds.


Well, all of the Latin American countries have a “momma’s boy” culture where the boys are raised by their adoring mothers to look like a bunch of metrosexual fruits and the millions of helicopter soccer moms in the US aren’t too far behind when it comes to raising their sissies. The players roll around making those childish faces because of habit & secretly hope their mommas will run onto the field & kiss their exaggerated boo-boo better. It’s like the backfield rule, it doesn’t make any sense but it’s the way football is played.

It’s Fish n’ Chips for Zlatan.
Hope it is Russia vs. England in the semi-final.
We will know in abt. 4 hrs.

I didn’t watch it but read the updates on the Independent. I was pretty sure England could pull off 2 goals & thought Sweden could get 1 but Pickford proved me wrong. 0-2 England

Somehow I couldn’t see a Norwegian supporting Sweden and I was proved right in the end.

Maybe if we encouraged a bunch of Swedes to join this forum, it would deflect the Humbugge’s insolent rhetoric away from the Muricans.

Never happen. I’m for equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, religion or nationality.
It is equal between Russia and Croatia (1-1) at half time.
May the best team win, even if it is after extra time and penalty kicks.

Speaking of extra time, what’s up with the referee calling the end of the game when he feels like it anyway?

Swedish here. Sweden kind of sucks at playing football and it’s not really a Swedish sport, unlike hockey. so I don’t care about it


So it went to extra time and penalty shootout as I predicted, with Croatia winning it on the last kick.

Or more precisely, a young Brazilian-Russian immigrant loosing it for Russia, after getting Russia to the penalties by scoring in the last minutes of extra time of the last extra round.

Drama all around.

The Croatians, being the best team over all, deservedly goes on to play against England in the Semi-finals.

I don’t know if our resident Croatian-American on the forum is interested in football, but congratulation to your ancestral country anyhow c.captain.

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It will not be Waterloo 2.0 in the World Cup Final.

England lost to Croatia in the semi-final so they have to continue their 52 year wait for even a place in the final game, let alone a win.

The final will be played in Moscow this Sunday, 15. July between France and Croatia.

A metaphore of so called Brexit as being delivered by Theressa the Appeaser. The newest member of the hegemony getting in the way.

Footballers coming home again!
Quarter of a million pounds a week and still can’t win.

Great tournament, amazing talent, and great spirit but FIFA really needs to come down hard and all the diving and theatrics these clowns pull off. Todays final along with many of the games were marred by constant diving and ridiculous acting. The officials really need to red card the players when they do this. Prime example, Neymar for all his great skills is now a laughing stock.Really puts a damper on the game.