Flex tape won’t fix that! -OSV M/V Thunder

Yea. That’s exactly why the fairways are there. So the ship doesn’t have to go out of them and around an oil rig. And then hit some unmarked underwater piece left over from when they decommissioned some old piece of shit.

Plus the rule of gross tonnage applies here. Little guy get off the phone and GTFO the way.


Does anyone have a Marine Traffic or similar subscription and can view the track line and vessel traffic history around 1900 UTC on July 23rd?

I also looked at the USCG incident and contact record online database and don’t find either of the names vessels listed.

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You should take the time to read Farwell’s, and the discussion therein about these safety fairways.



I get it now!!!

Departing the fairway is not ideal but it can certainly be done to avoid a collision. I will be interested to read this collision investigation.

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It depends on where they were.
There are certain parts of the Southwest Pass Fairways where going outside of it would not be possible at all due to the proximity of rigs/platforms.

I’ve seen her heading to and from Mississippi Canyon so I’m guessing (wildly) that area was where the collision occurred, either heading East or West.

If so I’m sure they will assign a portion of the blame to the OSV and a smaller portion to the ship respectively, if I had to guess, because there’s never a vessel 100% at fault even if you were anchored and someone runs into you…

What actions were possible and taken or not by both vessels, who can say? but rule 9 should have applied if it was indeed in a fairway but nobody seems to know.

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I haven’t seen a single report after searching the usual maritime sites websites other than fleetmon.

I hope an investigation is conducted with root cause.

Its highly obvious that the damage done exceeds the threshold that the authorities must conduct an investigation.

My question would be this. How many of the many vessels transiting or crossing the fairway collide with another vessel? What make OSV Thunders collision unique?

To me, there not only needs to be accountability but the lack of reporting is the biggest flag.

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Ask the news media in the area why they didn’t report this news.

If only we knew a maritime news organization that could look into this…


Was it M/V Garwood they collided with?

Another user here reported the Bunun Queen and Thunder collided.

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This is a good example where the crossing vessel should have and could have avoided collision and violated several COLREGS.
But we only have speculation and hearsay at the moment.

In the case you are referencing the outbounder was not liable at all and took every action they could to avoid collision, if I’m reading that correctly.

If the investigators were to find that that weren’t the case here and, if the ship that collided with the Thunder did not at least attempt to call, maneuver or sound her danger signal, there could be a portion of the blame assigned to each vessel which was my point.

Regardless I’m willing to bet the Jackson boat erroneously believed that he was not the give way vessel in this situation if crossing that fairway and out of complete ignorance maintained course and speed OR was just not paying attention at all.

Did you read the court case? Specifically with regards to the discussion on safety fairways?

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I think New3M needs to read it also.

@coldduck @New3M

Some mariners especially US mariners who have only ever worked on Jones Act Tankers fall into the trap of thinking safety fairways are traffic separation schemes which they are not! They are basically the best and clear routes but are merely suggested NOT required. I have cut across a significant portion of the drilling zone (in a large US flag unlimited tonnage vessel) going from one safety fairway to another to merely shave some miles. However, in some parts if your already in the fairway getting out can be hard as in some parts rigs line the edge. But maybe the mate onboard had “fairway tunnel vision” just like some mates get “cross track tunnel vision” and don’t realize that it’s okay to go outside the cross tracks for traffic just make sure your don’t hit anything while you maneuver out of them.

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I don’t really care what it says. Small crewboat needs to gtfo the way of the big ship.

Full stop.