First Weather Map - March 31, 1875

Francis Galton as Meteorologist

Galton’s Wikipedia page:

I was surprised how closely that map resembles current ones. It was published in the Times of London. The paper had started to publish weather forecast 14 years before that to much ridicule according to to this Guardian article.

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It appears there are several claims to have been the “Father of modern Meteorology”.
In 350 BC, Aristotle wrote Meteorology. Aristotle is considered the founder of meteorology. One of the most impressive achievements described in the Meteorology is the description of what is now known as the hydrologic cycle

Luke Howard has been called “the father of meteorology" because of his comprehensive recordings of weather in the London area from 1801 to 1841 and his writings, which transformed the science of meteorology. He named the various cloud formations:

I say Admiral Robert FitzRoy, the captain aboard Darwin’s HMS Beagle, deserve the title.
One hundred and sixty years ago he discovered that it was possible to forecast the weather:

Vilhelm Bjerknes is considered by many to be the founders of modern meteorology and weather forecasting, based on mathematical formulas: