First class pilot?

Can I get a first class pilot endorsement added to my license ? I hold a 1600 ton nc and a OUTV, the uscg web site,deck & engineering guide says one-thing but the cfr says another cfr 46 11.701 (d) A license or MMC endorsement issued for service as a master, mate, or operator of uninspected towing vessels authorizes service as a pilot under the provisions of §15.812 of this subchapter. Therefore, first-class pilot endorsements will not be issued with tonnage limitations of 1,600 gross tons or less.

There are plenty of pilots around the US that don’t have a big ticket. I’d go to the USCG, make the application and see where it goes.

Yes you can get a First class pilot with a 1600 tons!!

How do you hold an OUTV? I thought the USCG dealt away with that when they came up with The Master of towing license!

I do have the master of towing vessel upon ncw , not the OUTV , sorry just forgot they changed the name , anyway I was told that your time must be on vessels over 200 tons to get the first class pilot or you would get the limited tonnage pilot , the vessel I’m on is only 189 tons so it would not be enough . Not much info on the limited tonnage pilot endorsement, that I can find .

For what harbor are you trying to get the First class for? Most of them (or at least the one I know) will required at least three trips on an vessel over 200 GRT. But if you test (draw) for the limited one as soon as you get you trips on a vessel over 200 they will upgraded it to a first class.

From where did you find this info pr-9? TX

What exactly are you trying to do? Do you actually need a pilot endorsement for your job? Do you want a first class pilot with the hopes of gaining a position as pilot?

Actually I would just like to have it, and I think it would look good on a resume too.

Got it. It wold indeed look good on resume. Good luck.