Financial help

Hello, I don’t know if this is in the right category but I have a financial problem. I am going to be an upcoming sophmore at Mass Maritime, but I recently lost my co-signer and am unable to find one. If I am unable to find one, I cannot go to school, if I cannot go to school, I have to pay for my upcoming bill for my freshman year that I have attended. What I am asking is, is there an organization out there where I could be covered by them financially until I graduate and pay/work for them once I graduate? My other idea that I thought, is there a union school where I can apply to and get some kind of Marine Engine license, that way I can ship sooner and maybe eventually go back and get my bachelor’s. If there are union schools out there, would they cover my education until I graduate and THEN pay them back? (Preferably in the New England area.) I want to ship out and be an engineer, but as of right now its looking very dim for me, I am in a financial hole where I cannot get funding to get my education. Please contact me or post if you have ANY suggestions please.