EU Collision Regs Survey Project

How well do you know and understand the COLREGS?

Over the years, seafarers understanding, interpretation and application of the COLREGS has been a cause of concern for the International maritime community. A new major and prestigious EU funded project called ACTS-Avoiding Collisions at Sea, will initially address this issue by investigating the problems of applying the COLREGS, leading to the development of a new online course making it simpler and easier to understand Colregs. The ACTS consortium of major EU maritime education and training organisations wish to reduce the number of collisions, and make the seas safer. The consortium are aiming to address the impact collisions have at sea, which not only cause material loss, but also cause human casualties too.

If as C4FF’s recent study showed that almost 50 percent of seafarers throughout the world disregard/ignore the Colregs at sea when they are taking action, this initiative is very necessary.

Full details and a project questionnaire can be found at .

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