Emission free flights

Not only ships will be going green, Widerøe aim to have their first emission free plane in service by 2026:

They intend to renew their fleet with all emission free planes by 2035 at the latest.

Utter madness!

Maybe an Aussie invention, the steam jet engine can be adapted to use on airplanes?:

Imagine bush planes flying from coalmine to coalmine to fuel up.
Should be no problem in coal rich Oz. :rofl:

I’m sure all those potentates flying their private jets to COP26 are emissions-free, right?

Oh Jeez, someone has dug up that rotting corpse that was buried 10 years ago!

From Neil Hume,the Financial Times January 2011:


I wonder if any of those geniuses ever actually made steam and squirted it into water? I guess they were impressed with reading about the 1 or 2 percent pumping efficiency of a steam injector.

Nice to see you are now advocating more widespread use of our abundant, high quality coal. We have centuries of energy safely stored in our coalfields. Far more safely stored energy than in any battery, especially if it’s flying. Those emissions free flights will put on a spectacular show when one catches fire in the air either from the batteries or the hydrogen.

I’m particularly interested in how they will build an aircraft, tarmac runways, terminals and support facilities without any emissions in the construction.

But as I’ve said often, I like so-called GHG emissions. I want more of them. You should too. They benefit the world and help feed the poor. Burn baby, burn.

Rug up. Winter’s coming. I predict a hard one for our northern brethren this time. How do those batteries perform up in the coldest air?