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NTSB Public Meeting of December 12, 2017 (preliminary report)

El Faro VDR Transcript

United States Coast Guard Marine Board of Investigation Report

Marine Board of Investigation Hearing 1 Day 1 Transcript

16 February 2016

WIT: Phillip Morrell - Vice President of Marine Operations Commercial.

Hearing 1 Day 2 Transcript

17 February 2016

WIT: Philip H. Greene - President of Tote Services Incorporated.

Hearing 1 Day 3

18 February 2016

Capt Loftfield - Capt of El Yunque page 1- page 37

Second mate Baird - previous voyage 2nd Mate of El Faro p 37 - p 103

Capt Loftfield p 38 to End

Hearing 1 Day 4

19 February 2016

WIT: Jim Fisker- Andersen, Port Engineer, Tote Services Incorporated. Begin to p 89

Mr. Berrios - Second Officer aboard Isla Bella on Tote Maritime.p 90 to p 136

Tony Callaway with PORTUS. (shore side cargo loading / lashing ) P 136 to end

Hearing 1 Day 5

20 February 2016

Mr. Johnathan Lawrence, Tote Services Incorporated, Manager of Safety and Operations. - Designated Person Ashore (DPA) Begin to p -110

Ronald Rodriguez, terminal manager p-110 to p168
Mr. Donald Matthews, Marine Operations Manager. p-169 to end

Hearing 1 Day 6

22 February 2016

Captain John Warner Mauger Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Center. Begin to p 109

Captain Kyle McAvoy, Chief of the Office of commercial vesselcompliance at Coast Guard Headquarters. P 109 to end

Hearing 1 Day 7

23 February 2016

Mr. James Robinson, former Chief Engineer of the El Faro. Begin to p 109

Walker able seaman maintenance p 109 to p 138

Captain Todd Coggeshall, the Seventh Coast Guard District Director of Inciden Management. p-139 to end

Hearing 1 Day 8

24 February 2016

Matthew Cadmon unit controller and situation unit controller for the Coast Guard Seventh District in Miami Florida. Begin to p 57

57 to 130 VDR experts

Vagts Chief Mate Isla Bella p 130 to end

Hearing 1 Day 9

25 February 2016

Torres, former Chief Mate on the El Faro Begin to p 88

Beisner Sector Jacksonville as a Marine Inspection Apprentice and also Port State Control Branch Chief. P 89 to p 109

Mr. Luke Laakso, Walashek boiler inspector P 110 to end

Hearing 1 Day 10

26 February 2016
Louis Charles O’Donnell, Assistant Chief Surveyor of the Americas Division for ABS. Begin to p 118

Mr. Tim Neeson, Port Engineer, Tote Services Incorporated. p 119 to End

VDR Transcipts

El Faro Marine Board of Investigation Document Library

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Docket page

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