Edison Chouest Offshore in Alaska


And new “officers are management and shall not go union or else!” letters sent out fleet wide in 3… 2… 1…


Yeah, sure, you betcha that Gary Chouest would ever enter into a collective bargaining contract just to make someone else happy… the man has one way of operating…the Gary Chouest way and that way will never, ever tolerate any union.


The last I heard ECO owned 70+ Brazilian flagged vessels, a few of them are monstrous anchor boats like the Bram Atlas & Bram Titian & the construction vessel Island Enforcer. If they are Brazilian flagged & working in Brazil, then all the employees are union including the captains. The Brazilian navy has more stringent manning requirements than the USCG. If this is still the case, ECO probably has more union mariners than not? How many vessels does ECO have in the states & whats the manning requirements for those boats? ECO will negotiate with a union when it has too.


Oops…needed to say American seafarers unions…


If ECO can negotiate with Brazilian unions, Mexican unions, European unions, Australian unions & African unions then ECO will negotiate with US unions if it has too. The management at ECO has to realize US union leaders are just as easy to bribe as foreign union leaders.


I still never see it because unlike in most of the other nations you listed, our government has no unionization mandate and with no law saying you must accept a union is the same as never accepting one for someone like don Vito Chouest


Do we really need to drag this thread out of the archives for the new folk?


You tell them! I expected more from the armchair quarterbacks myself!


Yesterday someone posted a screenshot of AIS showing most if not all of the Crowley Equipment heading out.

This surprised me as I was half expecting someone to ask them to hang around just in case. I figured they would jump on this as it would be T&M and the profit would be pretty large. I’m sure that Gary has them all believing that ECO vessels can and will do a better job! Hell what;s one “little” dent in one of the first ships anyway.

I guess they figured let ECO hang themselves. I guess how much we hear about ECO screwups will depend on how my money Gary spreads around up there.


Again we see the astronomical level of hubris at ECO…Bubba Thug Gary really and truly believes there is nothing that he and his operation can’t do better than anybody else anywhere on the planet!

I used to think that Shane Guidry was the most arrogant asshole in the GoM but he is a boy scout compared to that Joe Boss of Bosses



“I can see constant tension on the winch here.” LOL


Why is that laughable??
These tugs are equipped with LP Hydraulic winches of Brattvaag design, delivered by Roll-Royce Marine in Norway. They have the ability to maintain constant tension in dynamic load, which can be read out on the display at the Captain’s chair in the wheel house:

From this article in Marine Link:



No,but it is not about MURICA either!!! (Thanks heaven)



I agree with most of what is said here, although tongue-in-cheek.
But do you really want to turn this into another thread about Norway??


Point taken. How about this instead then… “Woooo hoooo!!! I bleed orange an blue and Chouest is gunna make those union commies from Crowley look like chumps! Just give ‘em time me!”

Seriously though, anyone know if the tug involved was the same one that “bumped” the Panama Canal on the way up there? Maybe a mechanical issue with that one and not a user error?


Good!! See the Norwegians thread in stead.


And they made the Newspaper once again.



Does anyone here know what Crowley was paying their,captains,chief engineers,ABs and barge captains?