Do ENC-Based Print on Demand Charts Meet Carriage Requirements?

But what i was saying earlier, I talked a NOAA Nav Manager a couple days ago, and the USCG is working on a NVIC that would change the rules/clarify/give a road to compliance. If i were a betting man, I’d wager it would be similar or more restricted than the conditions where an ECS like Rosepoint meets carriage requirements.

This needs to happen, because as it is written now, the Nav Regs really dont say much about electronic charts. I think it says certain goverment vessels can use them, but i think they are leaning heavily on a NVIC at this point.

It’s not clear to me what you’re getting at here.
We have now:

NCC (NOAA Custom Chart) - not approved
POD - Based on official NOAA paper charts

Do you mean a NVIC might establish a third category? That the charts of NOAA canceled charts printed by approved vendors will be approved for carriage in some cases?


It sounds like the NVIC will some how allow NCC to meet carriage requements.

I do not know how at the moment, but I suspect it will have limitations, like on what vessels can carry an ECS vs ECDIS. Only time will tell what the Coasties will decide, but they did ask NOAA to change the wording on the NCC documentation to imply it could meet requirements. And that other reply makes it sound like ylthey are trying to solve the correction challenges too.

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Okay. Inspred by both this thread, and another project ive got on the burner, I did end up ordering an OG chart.

I owe Ocean Graphics and OCS/NOAA an apology, the custom charts are much better than they used to be. Not perfect, still a little wonky in some places, but with the right tools this is definitely “good enough” for some use cases.

Only thing a little frustrating is the numbers in ENCs are metric, so they got rounded coming into a NCC in feet. But it looks a lot cleaner on ENC borders, you can still see artifacts in some spots, but much better than the last NCC i tried.

From a distance, it looks like a chart.

Compass rose on ENC borders, missing chunks.

The text can still get a bit busy, but this is a problem for ECDIS too, but at least everyone has the right characteristics now.

They’ve struggled with ranges, but this a useable improvement

All in all, 8/10. Good for someone who misses the old days, or wants something big for reference. Id still shoot myself if the office or captain made me order this to satisfy carriage requirements.


ENC are far superior to paper charts for real-time navigation.

That said I was surprised these ENC-based paper charts use traditional symbols. I suppose the symbols can be displayed / printed in various ways.
Must be because on an ECDIS standard symbols are required.

What does the display on programs like Rose Point look like?

Most of the vessels Ive worked on with Rosepoint were using RNCs, but those are going by the wayside with the paper charts. When I load ENCs into a proram like Open CPN, they display like an ECDIS. The ony real difference between an ECDIS and ECS is the sensor inputs, Ive even seen the Transis/wartsilla navisailor4000 being run as an ECS on a tug.

These are an interesting mix of symbology from Chart 1 for sure.

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This is a great conversation, and makes me wonder where things will be going in terms of backup arrangements for those vessels required to have them. For ECDIS vessels, there has been the option of a primary ECDIS with a backup stand alone ECDIS system, or keeping a folio of paper charts approved for carriage with regular corrections applied.

If the POD charts no longer meet carriage requirements, what are options for backup besides a redundant ECDIS system?

ECS using hardware that is approved? I have seen iPads used with some very good navigation apps, and speculate about what would it take for the hardware and an associated app to meet the requirements as a backup system?

That surprised me but it shouldn’t have, Transas on an ECIDS is running on MS Windows OS.

Given the situation with the sensors not that much advantage for a tug running with Rose Point on a laptop to switch away from raster charts. Aside from the fact they’re not going to be available of course.

Redundant ECDIS is the only plan I’ve seen. Theres nothing stopping you from carrying your own personal ECS, I keep Open CPN on a tablet with a garmin handheld GPS that would would work in a lifeboat for a bit, or if all else failed.

With the levels of Redundancy that would have to fail for two (properly set up ECDIS) to fail, you’re going to be NUC at that point anyway, and you will have have been for like 12 hours. Not exactly navigating at that point, and more like watching how screwed you are.

BA charts still meet the requirements provided there’s coverage in the operational area, at least AFAIK,

If it’s a second ECDIS the language of the regs isn’t as clear cut, depends on the flag state to some extent apparently. If it’s not paper charts it has to be a fully capable ECDIS but my understanding is some ships use the second full ECDIS but as a work station rather then a console-type setup.

In my experience, jumping from trade to trade world-wide, the paper chart back-up is the worse of both worlds. Might be suitable in some trades that only need a few charts.