Deadstick anchoring

Aloha. Looking to anchor while deadsticking. Knight’s, Dutton’s not being much help. Have a day to plan. Looking for anyone that has done it or even heard of it. Thanks in advance.

I’ve never heard the term “deadstick anchoring” Assume no main engine?

Anyway here is: Anchoring Downwind and Variations

All 4 down. Plan to use 3 tugs. Two aft, one at the head. Aft two get me sternway, at least a knot or two, while I pay out chain. 84 feet of water, plan on using 5 shots of chain.

But I have never heard of anchoring a ship using tugs and no engines.

Ship handling with tugs would be something I’d seek a pilot’s advice.

I have been pulled off the pier and anchored without the use of the main engine. In our case not particularly difficult. We used three tugs in a situation that would have normally called for two.

And the tugs created sternway to prevent piling the chain, correct? It seems like it should be easy enough.

Well, I too superstitious to think any operation at sea is going to be easy but in good weather conditions anchoring without an engine is not something that would be considered particularly difficult.

For us it was 25-30 kts of wind and 60 meters of water but it went well.

Any lessons learned you wouldn’t mind passing along? Only concern I can think of is the tugs having trouble slowing us down once they get us moving backwards. We displace 25k tons.

Just saw this link…reading now. Thank you.

“Deadstick” is flying slang for landing with a dead engine(s) :wink:

Personally I’d check with a local pilot. But in general with 25k tons the tugs are typically 3000 or 4000 hp. 8000 hp will get the job done quicker.

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We did it! Went off without a hitch. Thanks for the advice.

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