Deadly Volcanic Eruption on New Zealand’s White Island — 5 Dead and More Than 20 Missing -Old Salt Blog

The latest in the last half hour is the police are framing criminal charges and they have prevented the Ovation of the Seas sailing. I’m confused but I could not be more thankful that I’m retired. The ship has already been alongside 24 hours longer that planed and no departure time is scheduled. It will upset more travel plans than you could poke a stick at. I think is a long bow to involve the master in criminal proceedings but you never know in these litigious age

If I was a passenger on that ship effectively held prisoner somewhere I don’t want to be, I would be wanting compensation from the NZ police for unlawful imprisonment.

Maybe they think there’s half a ton of cocaine in the coal bunkers and they’re planning to arrest the stokers… :wink:

The latest is the police have backtracked on a criminal investigation. The Ovation of the Seas sailed at 06:45 this morning.

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