Day of the seafarers 2021

IMO’s Day of the Seafarers, 2021 is approaching:

One special event is planned for this year:

Today is Day of the Seafarer:

Comment from Carolyn Graham, associate fellow at the Seafarers International Research Centre:

When seafarers forget or are completely oblivious about the International Day of Seafarers we can’t blame the general public for not remembering it either. Again, this is a marketing problem. Get some pleasure boating supply stores to advertise some sale gimmicks on this day or get a national seafood restaurant to give a free icecream covered brownie to seafarers & people will start thinking & talking about the role of seafarers in the global economy.

BTW, no one got me any presents this International Seafarers Day either. I’m starting to believe it isn’t real.

From today:

At 12 o’clock all the boats whistle at the same time

On Friday at 12 noon, all boats and ships in port are encouraged to bump into the ship’s whistle, the Ålesund Region’s Port Authority writes on Facebook.

  • It is to focus on seafarers’ efforts during the pandemic, the need to recognize seafarers as socially critical personnel and to ensure that seafarers have access to vaccines, they write further.

This is per #Shoutout for seafarer’s: request:

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