Cyclone Tauktae - India

The west coast of India was hit by a massive cyclone, over 90 people are missing from the barge P305 which sunk in the cyclone. Some other vessels are adrift and aground.

I can’t find a photo of the P305 before it sank, but some of the other vessels in distress look in a very bad state of repair judging by how much rust is on them in the photos below.

Latest news from a maritime source:

Must have been short notice on the approach of this storm. ONGC normally evacuate non-essential personnel if a cyclin is threatening their fields.

In the early days of operation at Bombay High (1970s) all drilling stopped during SW Monsoon season and the rigs were pulled into shelter in Bombay.

Later the rigs were put next to platform to drill production wells before the monsoon season (1st June- late Aug/early Sept.)

When the monsoon ended all rigs were waiting to move at the same time. This was known as the “Crazy Week”, causing shortage of boats and Rig movers.

And from The Hindu:

Apparently there were ample warning before this storm hit Bombay High Field.
Some premature reporting though:

Here is a video showing the barge Papa 305 in rough weather at an earlier date:

The gangway being lifted in preparation for warping her away from the fixed platform. (??)

Early report (19. May) sounds like things were bad, but ONGC and ICG getting control of the situation:

This is the prediction from 6 days prior when it was forecast to make landfall in Pakistan. If you were watching, you knew bad things were coming.

Some of the lucky ones:

Dramatic scenes offshore India:

Specialised diving teams onboard INS MAKAR.

Last moments of the VARPRADA.

The legal wrangling commence:


The blame game and legal wrangling has just begun. Good for the many Lawyers that gets rich, but does it do anything to improve safety for the people working offshore India and beyond??