Crane Operator needed in Gulf of Mexico

Maritime Management Services is a growing vessel management company needs a certified crane operator for saturation DSV operating in the Gulf of Mexico…permanent position 28/14 schedule with paid transportation to and from vessel, very competitive pay and benefits. Even better if you are an A/B as well but not necessary.

For more information either send me a private message or email the company directly at
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I have been under contract the last six years to provide full 24/7 crane service unloading vessels at port with both hydraulic and cable cranes. I experienced no accidents and have made over 500,000 picks. I have discovered $250,000.00 in savings for the company I have contracted with. I stick to it, I find solutions and I get the job done. I’d like a position with some travel, and marine in nature, port unloading or platform.


2004 - present, Crane operations contract for Sea Watch International.
Duties included; scheduling unloading services for offshore fishing fleet and three operators 24/7. Safety training for crane operators (3 men)and boat crews(50+ men). Performing or scheduling all crane maintenance. All record keeping for fisheries plant landings and crane maintenance and state safety certifications.


Certified hydraulic crane operator, and CDL Massachussets USA

John Vliet