Covid 19 On the french aircraft carrier

HI every one,
Today we have about 50% Of seamen infected with Covid 19 Meaning more than 1500.
The aircraft carrier is arrived @ Toulon (Med) South of France where every one will be tested.
Best regards from Brittany, France.


Bonne chance to our French allies.

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If you look at their numbers, about 50+% were asymptomatic.

Of the 660+ positive tests on CVN-71, about 60% have been completely asymptomatic. There is no way guard against the spread of this on a warship, in any navy. The watchstander next to you could easily be an asymptomatic carrier.

“Share the air to your despair”.


YES! Something else, today, they said on the radio, nothing, nothing is sure about this shit. meaning a guy could be infected twice or more.
The 11th of may will may be the starting of deconf’.
My best wishes to you friends. Kind regards.

Bon chance.

Merci et bonne chance à vous tous.