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There should be. I know some very well educated Singaporeans who can’t afford to live in their own country with a decent standard of living. I have been remiss in looking up the current income distribution in Singapore hopefully they don’t have a disappearing middle class. I do know a lot of very bright folks leave there.

Singapore cannot do without foreign worker:

Not if the same standard of living is to be maintained. At least according to these organizations.

PS> The social and income gaps in Singapore is approaching that of the US. The Gov. knows it and is trying to do something about it but not with much luck, so far.

It is not luck. It takes hard decisions. It is a matter of survival really if one believes in a capitalistic system. When the income gap gets too large any civilization is ripe for revolution. With regulation capitalism is a great system, without regulation it never fails to destroys itself. Thousands of years of history proves this. I hope Singapore’s technocracy finds a way to save itself. It is an experiment in governance that I have followed and admired, mostly, for many years.


Britain exempt seafarers from mandatory quarantine:

NOTE: Link to more article about the Covid-19 and mariners situation below this one .

More and more support and demand for action on seafarers status as “key workers” and right to repatriation at end of contract:

Not only seafarers suffer from long spell without relief.
IMCA is stepping call for action for workers in the oil, gas and renewable energy sector as well:

6 things seafarers should learn fron Covid-19 crisis:

Universal thruth for any crisis.

Training for mariners has been badly disrupted and/or changed by the Covid-19 pandemic:

If you could get a port to check just one crew member after you have all been on board for 2 weeks it would meet the criteria that is being used on the land for other modes of arrival so the issue is really with the country where you are anchored and seamen getting the short stick
How about the shipping companies pay for one test per vessel?

Crew changes is now progressing in Singapore.
Strict procedure to be followed:

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thats good news and also the alterations to the airport so there is a secure transit area now to support long haul flights transiting Singapore

From Maasmond News clippings today:

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ok i am confused ? On US vessels, US Flag operating under " Jones Act". Are crew changes happening on schedule / time ? Not April or May 2020, but in June 2020 ? If not union / non-union ? If so union / non-union ? Next question is ; We all know we work a time period on a vessel and a time period NOT paid off the vessel. The extension of crew rotations for those on-board means more money for them , but less money for those on the beach. Then there is the “benefits” issues like health insurance. Health insurance can expire for those on the beach, if timely crew changes don’t happen. So if Companies are going to be allowed to alter the supply chain of the seafarer. Are those companies also taking care of the seafarers on the beach, that cannot go to work due to Covid-19 ? is this another profits over people ?

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Your reality is different from that of the rest of the world.
Ships in international trade is dependent on the rules and regulations imposed by the authorities in whichever country they are in.

This Union/non-Union is also different. Union membership is often “compulsory”, or “automatic”.

The “Unions” are NOT supplying crew to ships, like in the US. They are not responsible for health benefits or pensions etc
They take care of negotiating wages and conditions with the Shipowner’s Associations, not with individual Owners/Managers, in a generally cordial manner, and co-operate with the Governments on other matters, like support during education and additional training, unemployment benefits etc.

Many seafarers on foreign ships are on permanent employment and they ARE paid during their time off. (12 mths/yr)
In many cases they also get “food allowance” during their time off because they don’t have free food, like when working.


Update from Intercargo Re:Covid-19 Operational considerations on board ships:

PS> The full suites of such Updates can be found here:

Here’s an informative article that explains in easy to understand language about the development of a vaccine.

Singapore engage accommodation vessel to operate as a “half-way house” from crew change crews that cannot go directly to/from the vessel/airport:

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Singapore Organisation of Seamen (SOS) will set aside US$ 1 mill. to accommodate seafarers at Seacare Hotel which was selected by the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore to accommodate crew unable to sign on to a vessel or be transferred immediately to a flight home:

MPA has also taken on the accommodation vessel POSH Bawean to accommodate seafarers during transfer to/from vessels doing crew change in Singapore:

PS> The picture attached to the article is not the POSH Bawean. Here is the right one:
Not as POSH as the Seacare Hotel, but OK for the purpose of accommodating crew for a couple of days.

UK calls for an International Crew Change Summit:

It’s left to be seen who attend,who pretend that this doesn’t concern them, or their citizens.

If you haven’t watch this year’s video message on the Day of the Seafarers from the IMO Secretary General. here it is: