Could safe navigation be enhanced in Vessel Traffic Service areas

Dear Navigators and Vessel Traffic Service Operators,

I would very much appreciate a short amount of your time.

I am newly qualified Deck Officer currently undertaking my Dissertation in BSc (Hons) Navigation and Maritime Science at Plymouth University, the project entitled ‘Could safe navigation be enhanced in Vessel Traffic Service areas’.

The purpose of my study is to explore the opinions and experiences, to gain a consensus on the use and aid of Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) with particular reference to communications, reporting, situational awareness, collision avoidance and possible room for improvements; to establish potential development of safe navigation within the VTS areas (more information in Appendix A of the survey).

Therefore, I am happy to invite you to participate in the following questionnaire; as Navigators or VTS operators, be that newly qualified, with many years of experience, or retired, your practical knowledge and understanding is very valuable to the validity and success of my study.

There are no right or wrong answers and completion of the short 12 questioned survey takes approximately 10 minutes. Confidentiality is guaranteed, with no names required. The completion of the questionnaire is entirely voluntary. (Specific information is explained in Appendix B of the questionnaire).

Your participation would enable me to compile a successful Dissertation and I would be truly thankful! Further to this, if anybody knows of any relevant documentation, MAIB reports for example or other similar studies, I would be very interested to read them!

If you have any questions about my questionnaire or study, I am more than happy to answer them.

Link to survey:

Thank you very much.

  1. Teach mariners the rules of the road
  2. Make sure they are on the bridge when under vts control
    = no more accidents

Oh for the fucking love of god…look out the window, do not exceed the required minimum speed, and when the sea buoy is astern of you call VTS, thank them for all their help, and have a nice trip.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Don’t forget your fucking TWIC card.