Costa Concordia Error Chain Dissected

[LEFT]For anyone who has ever heard the theory of an error chain and has also heard of the disaster of the cruise ship [I]Costa Concordia[/I], the following paper from Capt. Antonio Di Lieto is most enlightening. It is common knowledge that human error appears to be the ultimate cause of the grounding and capsizing of [I]Costa Concordia[/I] near Giglio Island in the Mediterranean. The precise analysis of the safeguards normally in place to prevent such a disaster and their subsequent breakdown is sure to be taught in classrooms for years to come.

Costa Concordia – Anatomy of an Organisational Accident

Thank you to Capt. Di Lieto and the University of Tasmania for providing this excellent paper.

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I have just published a book about the Costa Concordia accident and the lessons we need to learn from it.

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Antonio Di Lieto