Cosco Busan revisited: "Exclusive audio recordings from Cosco Busan oil spill"

Narrative and video.

"SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – It was one of the worst ecological disasters in San Francisco Bay history. The Cosco Busan hit the Bay Bridge(on November 7, 2007), sending 53,000 gallons of thick oil into the water. Now, for the first time, the I-Team lets you listen in as it unfolds, in an investigation you’ll see Only On 7. "

Selected from gCaptain:

“This animation is derived from data collected and archived by ( in the course of maintaining their real time AIS display of the San Francisco Bay area maritime activity ( BoatingSF has posted a valuable animation of the November 7 Cosco Busan Alision ( The animation is not time tagged, however, due to a loss of time tags in their archive. The archived data also only includes the AIS B channel resulting in some loss of time resolution in the derived display.\ \ The archived data does include several fixed beacon/base stations in the Bay Area that regularly transmit a message containing absolute time (UTC) to a one second resolution. These messages would be ignored in the normal course of BoatingSF operation. However interpreting these messages as well as a time stamped “second within the current minute” in normal position reports allow the recovery of time stamps for the position location data.\ \ MV Cosco Busan and Tug Revolution data was processed, logged, time tagged and displayed using the '“ShipPlotter from COAA” software application ( Each frame of the animation represents a small segment of the logged data with an annotation overlay based on recovered time tags.” (April 2008)