Cosco Busan Hearings

I know this is late notice but in case you’re sitting around bored the Cosco Busan NTSB hearings are being broadcast live on the web. Here’s how to get to them:<br><br>Go to:<br><A href=“” target=new><font color=#810081></font></A><br><br>Find the entry for the Cosco Busan Hearing<br><br>Webcast links will be listed under “More Information” shortly before the start of the event<br><br>The Webcast will also be available for 3 months after the event or you can even request <br>a DVD (I hear they make a great quiet evening at home date movie).

Here are some related links and attached is a zip file with the NTSB documents.<br><br><strongr style=“font-family: yui-tmp;]<a target=”_blank" href=“]Cosco Busan Document Archive<br><a target=”_blank" href=“]Cosco Busan FOIA Request<br>Cosco Busan Hearing - Exhibit Items<br><a target=”_blank" href="]Full voice transcripts (22MB)<br><br>More to come soon on our blog: <strong><a style=“font-family: yui-tmp;” href="]Cosco Busan Tag<strongr style="font-family: yui-tmp;]</strong><br></strongr>