Corinth Canal Transit

Does anyone have this kind of experience? How do they keep from scraping off the bridge wings and paint?

Pressure zones. Make sure you don’t stop, or move too slow.

I went through there a while ago, but on a tiny little boat. It was still tight enough to be interesting, and still an impressive sight.

In really narrow waters, you learn to ride the bank cushion. For reasons I never fully understood, this seems to work better with a high Cb. It should be done with some caution, because any of a number of rather subtle obstructions (think tree roots) can throw you off in dramatic fashion.

I figured it was some sort of hydrodynamic effect but wasn’t sure.

getting towed is safest so you donr suck yourself to one side when in a twin engined boat.
Went through in a few megayachts…its feels very tight.