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I obtained my driving licence driving a black 1939 Ford 10 without the plank.

Does Voice Activation work with coona*s accent??

Works about as well as a Scottish accent I’m afraid.

Working on British flag vessels in the 70’s I learnt to understand Scottish accents to the extent that I could tell the difference between a Clyde side accent and one from the East Coast or a Geordie.
There was one guy however whose accent was unintelligible to me and other Scotsmen. He was from some island in the Hebrides.
True story. A mate of mine asked the Bosun who was from Harris and a wee free by religion if they were allowed to have sex on Sundays.
He replied “ Yes- but we are not allowed to enjoy it.” :roll_eyes:

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Only in Oz:

My way, the highway, or the Russian way:

Or this way:


ONLY in Oz:

No, Henry Ford didn’t invent the automobile:

Travelling in style to the Superball:

(Turn on the sound)

What about a nice cup of tea after a long drive?

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