Cool Links

[B]Here is a cool link, a visualization of weather forecasts by super computers… You can go to bottom left of page to get different modelings (wind, air temps etc.) You can also zoom in/out on any area of Earth… Best if Browser is up to date.

[B]This link you can compute just about anything…I’ts surely worth clicking around…[/B]

[B]World wide mail through[/B]

Write a letter from any web browser or your email account.
Receive an E-mail copy of letters sent.
Often faster and cheaper than airmail.
No need to open an account.
Send Braille and Audio letters.

[B]This link has the most manuals of any website that I’ve found…[/B]

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that weather link is cool beans maynard :smiley:

A cool link displaying current winds in the continental US:

Watched a low pass 20 miles south of home one time on this site, and it was very accurate.


Coolest one I’ve played with

Cool links guys. :slight_smile: Thanks


Real time tracking of lightning strikes worldwide. Mesmerizing.