Containers lost at sea

[COLOR=black][FONT=luxi-sans-1]Everybody knows that a substantial number of containers are lost at sea every years since1956. Some that has a business commitment in the venture evaluates at 675 containers lost at sea while others argue that 10,000 boxes are rather gone overboard every year. Storm sea conditions and catastrophes are said to be responsible for those expensive losses. Many pleasure crafts have had allision against a partly submerged container, had to evacuate in emergency and were rescued expensively by SAR institutes. If the IMO keeps ignoring that environment tragedy, the ocean floor will be covered by containers filled with cargo up to dangerous goods. But I would be extremely surprise that this honorable institution move before then.

The problem that I have the chance to observe almost every day and to discuss with countless of box ships masters, is that the containers are lazily and indolently lashed according to IMO Codes … to save costs. Who cares !

But I do. Here is an example of the way that containers should be lashed by shore stevedores prior departure of any berth. Nothing special, just to invent an Intermediate Stacker Double Twistlock. I think that it would put an end to that ridiculous outrage. To simplify the method, the containers dimensions should be internationally standardized to avoid using Height Adaptors to reach a flat top surface.




An Intermediate Stacker Double like that … but Twistlock.

The way the containers are lashed today … no surprise they fly over board !!! :confused:

Heard a rumor of a container full of US Currency going to the bottom on a Sealand ship years ago. The US govt recalls old money from overseas and destroys it here in the states every so often. Apparently our rich uncle Sam didn’t pay for below deck storage and over the side it went The secret service searched every crew members bags and rooms to sea if a scam was in the works. Check out APL China disaster link below


APL China was a hell of a story. Heard they almost sank in that storm but somehow the Cheng was able to restore power while in the nasty storm

[QUOTE=Topsail;98336]The way the containers are lashed today … no surprise they fly over board !!! :confused:

[/QUOTE] The problem is the bridge fittings is that the Longshoreman do not go up on top of the containers anymore to place them. I have not seen Longshoremen placing them on 4 and 5 high for years. The Fall top gear “Eddygear” is required but I have a feeling that the Stevedoring Companies don’t like having to put the men up top as it slows production down.