Coast Guard Report on Deepwater Horizon

Transocean and The Marshall Islands: The Cozy Couple

Maritime attorneys, Gordon, Elias & Seely, on behalf of Party-In-Interest (PII) Douglas Brown, have continually attempted throughout the entire Joint Investigation Task Force (JIT) hearings to prove that the Deepwater Horizon was misclassified by the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI), the flag state. RMI had every opportunity to volunteer the information the first week of hearings held by the JIT which included testimony from the RMI. RMI failed to do so and this failure was intentional. Only after repeated written requests from PII Brown did RMI publicly admit its misclassification. Even though it reluctantly admitted this misclassification on the Deepwater Horizon, it successfully fought revealing whether this misclassification had occurred fleet wide for Transocean’s MODUs – DPV. [B]Read Full Story[/B]