Centerline for sale?

They need people. They definately have a turnover these days.


What are they paying?

Depends on the region, apply and find out. Everything is negotiable (non-union) Their saving grace is they do have a benefits package that is better than most.


If the Centerline is sold separately, what happen to the rest of the ship/boat??

I have a little insight. I worked there in the past twelve months on the east coast shoreside. I left because the company is actively gutting itself. Constantly has office staff either quitting or being fired / laid off. The company was running very understaffed. Pencil whipping is the norm. Staff constantly falsely signed certificates for cranes and the like. I just felt like it was a matter of time before something bad happened and the hammer came down.

I left because as the staff size decreased the work load increased and we were constantly promised raises that just never came. I also hated the way the senior management absolutely trash talked the crew on the boats. As a shoreside manager I rely on the crew to do there job well and have to depend on them. When the company has zero respect for those guys I can’t rely or even expect them to do there job well.

At workboat this year in New Orleans I heard a lot of murmurs that a few other companies want to break up the current centerline. Basically there’s an east coast company that wants to take over east coast operations and a couple west coast operators with interest in that part of the company.

That being said that is purely talk among vendors who know I used to work there and whatever they have heard. No one ever knows the truth in this industry.

Macquary (however you spell it) who owns centerline has a long history of doing just this. Taking companies and making money by breaking them and selling them.

Ultimately I can say from my current position in the oil industry all the vendors expect centerline to be no more soon. I’m glad I got out when I did. It was a small step above Bouchard and ironic they bought the equipment.


^^^ This is the most accurate description of Centerline yet.

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I would add to my previous statement that I genuinely hope they make it out alright. It seems like there are not a ton of stable companies. It would be nice to see someone turn them around and get some good management in to take care of the guys on the boats.

Working for another company that is in the same industry and seeing how well run it is and how much they genuinely care for the people first and equipment second it has made me happy to be in this industry again. I’ve seen so many companies cut so many corners I had honestly lost faith that good operators where out there.

Centerline made me believe with the name change there would be a company wide change but (while I was there) it was a constant downhill spiral. Cut after cut, vendor not paid after vendor not paid.

I don’t know the specifics of what happened with k-sea and Kirby but I would make a bet it’s headed in a similar direction on a larger scale.

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Each centerline location/company operates differently. Your mileage will vary depending on which one you work for.


I agree with this statement. It was far from the worst place to work. Just unfortunately just as far from a good place to work. If anyone needs a job I would recommend it. I would not however leave a job to go to them. I can attest to the fact that we get a lot of centerline employees applying at my current work place trying to jump ship.

I was just trying to get a ball park to see if it’s even worth my time. Thanks.

From what I hear, it isn’t. Online application system. HR Rarely responds at all. You are probably not going to find out the pay scale that way.

Harley always had a reputation for paying toward the low end of the range, except maybe in California. The pay must be low because everyone seems too embarrassed to say what it is.

Best bet would probably be to walk into the office and see if anyone will talk to you. Other than that, network and try to find a current , or recently former, employee that will tell you. In some ports, you could probable go to the SIU Hall, inquire about joining, and ask about the centerline contract.


I can tell you about 12 months ago when I left it was at the low end. I do not have exact numbers. I heard, but can not confirm, there were cuts after I left. That is just what I heard. The guys on the boats where always for the most part good guys. I’d just recommend looking up on linked in some people at the same rate you’d be applying and ask. I can tell you the Glassdoor salaries are complete bullshit. I made about 70% of what it says for the job I had abs I know what the others made in my position because we all talked east and west coast and they made less than I did on the east coast.

Shore side very few were happy at the time and I still keep in contact with a few guys working there and they are actively looking.

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Thanks for the info, I’m staying put for now anyway but I’m always curious to see what my skills are worth.

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Your skills are work a lot more than you are getting. Especially, with this inflation. There isn’t the big surplus of Mariners anymore that we’ve had for the past 40 years.

We should be getting $1000 a day, plus decent benefits. Especially for those of us that live and work in high cost places. Our wages need to catch up with the times and regional costs.

An average house in Seattle costs $800,000. It must be more in the NYC metro area.

A guy with a responsible, skilled, licensed job that is necessary in the local economy needs to make enough to afford a good house.


Nothing will change until the day rates for these boats increases. The same is true on the drilling side.

Wages have gone up significantly in the past year, but it’s still not enough since wages lagged for so long and we now have huge real inflation (forget the government statistics; things we actually buy are up much more than government figures indicate).

Day rates for boats are up. They have to be. Fuel, crew, food, steel, and everything else is way up too.


You are right that wages have not kept up with inflation. Especially during these last 10 years


I’ve been told that inflation is transitory and will go away eventually.

But yes, we should all be getting paid more than we do.

In my 30+ years on this earth I never recall prices going down.

Inflation will go away. Who is the economic forecaster who imparted that little bit of wisdom on you. Probably best to not keep repeating it.

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