Cathodic Protection Design - launches the Cathodic Protection Design Spreadsheet

This excel sheet helps the user estimate the number of anodes required for corrosion protection of a ship, depending on the properties of the anode supplied and the surface area needed to be protected
[li]Calculates the Initial, Mean and Final currents required for cathodic protection[/li][li]Calculates the current output of the anode based on properties supplied by the user[/li][li]Calculates the total number of anodes required based on Anode Weight/Current required[/li][li]Very useful in determining the quantity of anodes needed for Cathodic Protection of the vessel, and also in selecting the right anode type for the ship[/li][li]Based on DNV-RP-B-401 CATHODIC PROTECTION DESIGN[/li][/ul]

A demo video is below:

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