California Employer Drug Test

California employers will soon be banned for screening workers for marijuana

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Employers in California will soon be banned from screening workers for marijuana under a new law.

Assembly Bill 2188, signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, prevents employees from setting conditions of employment based on cannabis use while they’re away from work. It also prevents them from hiring or firing based on that.

However, there are exemptions to the law. Employers can test staff who work in construction or in positions that require a federal background investigation or clearance.

The law still prevents employees from using marijuana while at work, working while impaired, and being in possession of marijuana while on the job.

Newsom signed other similar bills into law. Senate Bill 1186 prevents local governments from banning deliveries of medical marijuana, while Assembly Bill 1706 will allow people to get old marijuana conviction records sealed or cleared.

The laws are expected to go into effect in 2024. Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level.

This looks like no change for California mariners.

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Shit needs to change, there’s no reason why someone can’t enjoy marijuana on their time away from work just like alcohol.

I believe they can now use an oral spit swab to tell if you’re currently under the influence of marijuana. That makes a lot more sense to me since they can tell if you’re actually under the influence while at work.


As a former Californian I left the state because of this SHIT.
Just because you don’t test positive on a spit test does not mean you are not under the influence.
As a former employer there I would not allow the idiots to run my business yet the governor wants that to transpire.
Remember this is the Ass…E that wants to be the next president of the USA.