Bulker hit wharf in cyclone

The MV Anikitos was still smashing against the wharf at Groote Eylandt on Tuesday.(Supplied)

The cyclone was forecast well in advance. Why was the ship still alongside when it hit the exposed Milne Bay Port on Groote Eylandt?:

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Seamanship! /s

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Or lack of tugs to pull her off the wharf in time??

Groote Eylandt is fairly remote. Not sure if there are any harbour tugs stationed there, or if tugs from Gove are attend for berthing/unberthing operations there.
The only “major” port in the area is Weipa, on the opposite side of Gulf of Carpentaria.

With a cyclone brewing in the area, any harbour tugs around in the Gulf of Carpentaria MAY not have been able, or willing, to proceed into open waters?

PS> I haven’t been at any of those places since early 1970s, when the mines in Gove and GTE were still under development. Anybody have newer, or “inside information”?