Bosun Munassar Lost At Sea

Tragedy struck the SIU Union Feb. 9 when Bosun [B]Khaled Munassar[/B] was reportedly washed overboard from the [I]Sealand Intrepid[/I] and lost at sea in severe weather, some 500 miles from Japan. His body wasn’t recovered despite an exhaustive search by the [I]Intrepid[/I] and a follow-up effort by another Maersk Line, Limited (MLL) ship diverted to the area. Brother Munassar was just 37 years old but was a lifelong Seafarer, having joined the union as a teenager.

R.I.P. Brother Khaled.

God Bless and rest in peace Brother.

Good Thoughts and Prayers going out for his Family, Friends and Shipmates. R.I.P.