Books in your library


I just re-read Ten Hours Until Dawn by Michael J. Tougais. It’s about a failed rescue attempt off Mass. in the blizzard of 78. I get chills every time I read it. It’s not a book for the professional library but one every professional should read


Yes. My grandfather knew a few of those guys pretty well. Tougias’s fatal forecast is a good one too with some personal ties as well. Definitely a reccomend on both.


somebody buy this book before the bidding ends! it is a screaming deal but I already have two copies

Rare 1st Printing U.S. MERCHANT VESSEL WAR CASUALTIES OF WWII Robert Browning Jr

They usually go for over a Benjy when you can find one!


C.C, it’s on Amazon starting at 38.50 used- if someone can come up with the gcaptain Amazon link so much the better. I can’t seem to find it but if someone posts it, I’ll bookmark it


It’s at the top of literally every thread on here.


Here’s one I can’t wait to read. Found it in my grandfathers basement. He was a second engineer on liberties and T2s during the war. The book is from 1945.



[QUOTE=wmoser;125861]Here’s one I can’t wait to read. Found it in my grandfathers basement. He was a second engineer on liberties and T2s during the war. The book is from 1945.


Too bad that I can’t see the image.


Well I can’t see it on my phone. So there!


[QUOTE=wmoser;125861]Here’s one I can’t wait to read. Found it in my grandfathers basement. He was a second engineer on liberties and T2s during the war. The book is from 1945.[/QUOTE]

can’t see the image myself…what’s the title? I might have it in my library


Sorry about that. The title is ‘Shall We Scrap Our Merchant Marine’ by Rathbone.


[QUOTE=wmoser;125884]Sorry about that. The title is ‘Shall We Scrap Our Merchant Marine’ by Rathbone.[/QUOTE]

don’t have it but obviously the answer to the question was a resounding “YES”!


From John: A Short Holiday Request. At the top of every thread. Which I am currently viewing on my phone.



“Shall we scrap our merchant marine” that actually looks like a great read. I’ll have to scour some libraries to see if anyone has it. Being from 1945 I doubt it.

Edit: found a full online digital scan from the University Of California.


This book has been a big help for me.



I still don’t see it. Sorry, could be my phone or who knows what. Fortunately, John posted it in a thread.



Can anyone recommend a good (affordable) primer on ECDIS? I’d like to read up on the subject before I take the course.


It’s really not worth it. The class is more about how to use a specific manufacturer’s equipment, which is great if it’s what you use at work. Mostly useless if it’s not.


Just finished The Last of the Cape Horners, which is a compilation of a number of journals and logs of vessels sailing around the Horn in the 20th century. This includes the Pamir and Passat, who were the last coomerical tall ships to round the Horn, in 1949 . That’s well within the lifetime of some of us here on this forum. The book is “Firsthand Accounts from the Final Days of the Commerical Tall Ships.” It is a great read!

The book was copyrighted in 2000, with the editor listed as Spencer Apollonio. Found it in a used book store. There are a lot of references to Alan Villiers.


Well, I cook so my Library reflects my occupation.

Ma Cuisine by August Escoffier A book for Mom’s at home back when Mom’s stayed at home. Escoffier was one of the preeminent Chef’s of the last 100+ years and his culinary methods endure to this day.

I have more cookbooks than I can begin to list here.

The Kelloggs, The Battling Brothers of Battle Creek by Howard Markel
Much is owed to Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and his long suffering brother
Will without whom JH’s efforts with the Scientific study of food and it’s influence on our health wouldn’t have been documented so future generations could benefit from it. You really have to read this book to appreciate what great men these two were…

Omnivor’s Delimma a natural history of four meals by Michael Pollard
A thoughtful tour of our food supply. On reading this book one may be tempted to liken it to a modern version of Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle”.
This isn’t at all a book to shock people so much as to inform them about a food industry that they depend on. One which may put profit before
anything else.

Unsafe at any Meal what the FDA doesn’t want you to know about the food you eat. by Dr Renee Dufault
We are rather trusting of the food supply we consume. The FDA protect us right ? Well that ain’t necessarily so. Much of our food supply is processed foods and the chemicals that they are processed with often leave some dangerous stuff in the foods. Sure it’s in trace levels stated on the label, but there is just so much stuff it’s in that we consume so much of each day. Dr Dufault has written this for every day people.

Salt, Sugar, and Fat how the food giants hooked us. by Michael Moss
For the last 100 years processed foods have increased to 60,000 products and a one trillion dollar a year industry. Much of this success owes to increasing amounts of salt, sugar, and fats into the product.
Much research has been spent by food processors too in order to
make these financial gains. Unfortunately, it makes food that isn’t good for us and may even be addictive. It may be contributing to numerous health issues which business, government, and tax payers may be left to pick up the tab for. But this food must be good for us, the government wouldn’t let them sell if if it wasn’t. Yeah right. I would invite you to read how these big food companies market this stuff. It would make the Circus Carnies who run their rigged games along the midway jealous. Used car salesmen are Sunday School boys compared to these corporate men who wear the $200 dollar silk ties to work each day.

Caffeinated how our daily habit helps,hurts, and hooks us by Murray Carpenter.
Here is a world most people would never dream exist as the industry it is. How much more of a building block ingredient caffeine is in our food and beverage supply than one would imagine. A fascinating read anyone would enjoy and possibly sip a cup of hot water as they read it

This small collection of books from my Library may be recommended reading for Cooks to consider how and what they cook, and for others and enlightening that may help them live longer and enjoy good health in that time.