Biglift Baffin in the Panama Canal

Mv BIGLIFT BAFFIN pictured during her Panama Canal transit last week, carrying two ultra large modules weighing 12.000 ts in total for the GCGV project at Corpus Christi. After completion of discharge operations at Corpus Christi the vessel will sail to the port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands to have a DP2 system installed.:

An interesting project, interesting partners, minimal American industrial production of machinery, local tax breaks for billionaires and Saudi royal family, maximum export of resources and cash for every component and product.

Another sign that the USA has become a 3rd world source of cheap labor and raw materials.

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Red Box Energy Services’s Polar Class 3 heavy transport vessel Pugnax also transited the Panama Canal few days ago. The vessel is currently headed to Beaumont. I wonder if it will continue eastwards and sail around the world like its sister ship Audax did last year.