Best Solution for Treating contaminated Bilge Water

Any engineer knows about the problems associated with pumping bilge water through OWS. And there are quite a few who have a black conscience about this. These problems triggered Engineer Kaj Joensen, to find a solution to the problem.
This has resulted in a patented solution that we call -Oil Conveyor and Settling System - from Faroe Maritime Technic ( FMT). We think that this is "[B]Breaking News[/B] "and will share it with you.

We claim that our patented Oil Conveyor and Settling System, is probably the best and simplest system, for thetreatment of contaminated Bilge Water. The systemis not only designed for marine use, but can also be used on shore .
Wherever there is a need to separate oil from water, our [B]Oil [/B][B]Conveyor [/B][B]and Settling [/B][B]System is [/B][B]unique.
[/B] The settling is done entirely without use of electronic and other advanced equipment that can tease or break.
The settling takes place, only by the law of nature,since the oil is lighter than water.
The Oil Conveyor and Settling System, works in the way that it cleans the contaminated Bilge Water, before it´s being pumped through The Oily Water Separator (OWS) into the sea.
[B]Experience [/B][B]from the ships [/B][B]that uses [/B][B]our [/B][B]Oil[/B][B]Conveyor[/B][U][B], shows [/B][/U][B]that the average ppm [/B][B]value after [/B][B]OWS, is [/B][B]2-[/B][U][B]4ppm[/B][/U]. It’s because that it is as good as pure water that The OWS is processing.
Maintenance costs are minimal.
Please contact us by phone +298211200 or visit our website for more information
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  1. Nice shameless plug.
  2. The “best” solution for treating contaminated bilge water is not to take the oil out of the water, but to take the water out of the oil. Why waste all that money on some fancy setup with a centrifuge, helisep’s, “conveyors”, settling tanks and an overabundance of shiny “acid resistant 316 L steel”. Give me a tank with some steam (or electric) heating coils and I’ll burn off a cube of water each and every day, and if your rocking an EGB setup, it literally costs nothing to operate. When you pull in to port, your pumping nothing but pure water-free slops.
  1. CG says you have to have an OWS, but they don’t say you have to use it (monthly tests excluded). You want a guaranteed business model, start pitching “Steam Out Tanks”. Keep it simple…