Best/coolest thing you ever saw on a ship?

Sea turtles have got to be one of my favorite things to see. Most of the time I’m just standing there and they pop up, and I’m looking at him thinking, dam what the hell are you doing here, and he’s looking at me with what looks like the same expression. He floats there for a minute looking at me and then heads off to do his thing.
Love coming across a pod of dolphins when hooked up doing 20 knots and throwing a big wake and seeing them play in it. I have never seen a creature as carmera shy as they are. We were backloading on day and they spent 30 min just playing and doing flips and stuff stright our of sea world, and I finely break away to go get my camera and when I come back they disapear. Happens every time.
No matter how many times I see them I love shooting stars, I never saw them till I went offshore and now I see them all the time.
Ill take your 3 water spouts and raise your 2. Yes I saw 5 at one time with many more before and after. I lost the picture I had were it looked like there were 2 boats running for it as one was bearing down on a jackup that it hit.
The thing I hate seeing is the wind line of 30+ knots of a front headed your way and your 100+ miles offshore and the only way back to the dock is right into it.

Shooting stars are cool but did you know that most of them are satellites?

I was dancing with a seaturle last week on a night dive at “barracuda rock” in Guam. They’re awesome underwater and fun to play with at depth, but a tiger shark decided to show up an spoil the fun according to the dive shop. I haven’t gone back after hearing that…not at night anyway. I’m going to “Haps Reef” tomorrow night (near the area)…hopefully, my turtle friend is still around.

Anchorman, for you and any other turtle lovers out there I recommend you give this book a read. Amazing creatures with an amazing story, and Carl Safina’s other books about marine life are excellent too. Enjoy your dive.

Really seeing the Milky Way for the first time.

This whole thread and only 3 pics of a couple fat guys. What’s going on here?

Big Guy- Sometimes you should be careful what you ask for. Don’t worry…I am retired now.

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Sorry everyone. My fault.

HA! I hear ya CMA I saw it too …lol…This whole time I thought Anchorman was just funnin with Capt Lee. …Now I’m not so sure…

Gawd dam, Lee !!!

You’re scarred? What about the poor kid that saw it close up and personal?

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Capt. Lee,
haha… Thats some funny shit
you might want to join the discussion over at this thread

ohhh wait you did, “You know what they say…It’s not gay if you are underway!!”

hmm, St Elmo’s fire off the west coast of panama. That was wild.

Mirage’s in the Straits of Juan De Fuca

and seeing the northern lights up in alaska (not the ship…thats another story, I almost saw too much of it one afternoon)

hmm, on other fronts, how about the female AB on my watch doin’ the bosun, with all the associated drama you could imagine. Yeah, doesn’t sound as exciting as some of you… :slight_smile:

The upskirt views from the base of the boarding ladder on the Atlantis Sub in Lahaina. Pure joy.

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Exploding meteor with many different colored shards which in turn exploded.

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