Being an applicant in MMP today

I am an applicant in MMP. I have been on one relief job for 30 days. Everyone says go to Charleston or NY. But I hear that the halls are flooded with applicants. There is nothing non-union to apply for and I am wondering if MMP really is the best choice. I do not mind the union hall setup, but if I am going to wait 7 plus months between getting a sailing job, I really do not see how I will ever get out of being an applicant. Does anyone have any recent experience in how this works?

Hang in there…and take ANY job that comes your way out of the hall. Beyond that, you might want to consider being in New Orleans (or any Gulf port), as there will be a third mate’s job called for Maersk Alabama either today, Monday or Tuesday. Check the website (or call the hall) before you fly to make sure it hasn’t been filled yet. BEWARE - there may be an A book laying for the job, but it’s worth a shot (decent contract).