Becoming officer without academy

One addition I would add: Fill two coke bottles with sand and hang them around your neck. Go outside at midnight and have your wife spray you with the garden hose.

They still run boats out of Lake Charles? I am guessing they aren’t on the roro trailer trade to PR any longer.

Cadet shipping pay is around $1,200 / month. But you cannot get it except through NYSM or Texas
two year program and then only if you can get on a vessel which allows cadets.

I wouldn’t say they run. Sit at the dock for 29 days a month maybe.

Wow. No regular towing work? Oh, and are there any Invaders left there?

Not for a while but they’re supposed to have at least two Ocean Class tugs going to Martha’s Vineyard this year to help with wind farm installation for at least a few months.

I think they finally sold the last one that was mothballed there but none have worked out of there for at least a decade.

Makes me feel so old. . . . .

Old?? I remember the old Gulf Oil Tankers like the Spray and King! Cove Tankers/ Crest? Thats old!

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I remember when they were the Gulf King and Gulf Spray, and had the logo on the stack, that’s older. Mobil never went that far, but it’s hard to disguise your ownership with a “niagra blue” paint scheme.

Oh, I remember sharing the docks in Port Everglades with the Crest Tankers. . .

And Cove and OMI discharging at Belcher Oil in Miami. And then there was Procter St.

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Recommend any ships or companies out of south Florida?

AWESOME! Thank you sir!! What sort of 100/200 get jobs pay that well? That would be awesome!! I will definitely qualify for smallest 50 near coastal, 100 inshore , I saw a job on indeed for 100 master 750$ /day plus off shore towing bonus. It was just a fleet of bow riders for tourists. Granted I work with tourists every day now pointing at dolphins while queuing the flipper song, I could go with out the tourists but 750$ a day! Ain’t much I wouldn’t do!


Recommend any work out of south Florida? Companies or ships? I’m in Stuart,fl just came up from keystone Miami inside Haulover.

Get a MMD pass a drug test and head on down to the Miami River and start knocking on gangways. Pay won’t be great but if hired you’ll learn a lot and it will be a helluva an experience. :rofl:

SIU Hall in Jacksonville?

Worked tug in Miami. 150$ day. If I work out of Miami like that I have connections to run charters on 30-60ft MYs . Don’t really want to go back there tho. It’s too risky and sketchy catering to that demographic. Always drunk, always have drugs, NO THANKS. Think I’m going to hop on a ship for a few months to get my footing financially after leaving my last career for this and taking a pay cut getting sea service. Then I’m torn. I’d like to work for tow boat us or sea tow. I also wouldn’t mind the right charter job down south. I lived on the water right inside Haulover so that whole scene was my backyard. I have never been to tampa bay and want to bring my skiff over there and see what the life is like over there. Hoping it’s not as just stupid as Miami but similiar in $ and opportunity