Automated Application Status Notification via Email

December 3, 2009
Automated Application Status Notification via Email

Today the National Maritime Center (NMC) launched a new service that will automatically send an email notification to mariners informing them of the status of their credential application as it is being processed by the Coast Guard. Mariners who provide an email address with their credential application will receive an email when their application passes through the following states of processing:

Sent from an REC to the NMC.

Awaiting Medical Evaluation.

Being Evaluated by Medical.

Awaiting Professional Evaluation.

Being Evaluated for Professional Qualifications.

Awaiting Information.

Approved to Test.

Approved to Print.


Confirmation of delivery and request for feedback.
Additionally, there will be reminder emails while in Awaiting Information or Approved to Test.
The information sent by email will be as close to real time as possible. In fact, due to the timing of data updates, it will likely be a day ahead of information currently found on the on line Application Status Checker. Due to security and privacy concerns, emails regarding Awaiting Information and Approval to Test will not contain all of the information that will be in the hardcopy letter sent to the mariner via the postal service but will refer to the Application Status Checker and/or the hardcopy letter.
In order to receive our emails you need to be sure that the following email address is not blocked or routed to “Junk” or “Spam”: Please note that free email services are available from numerous providers.
The NMC will continue to upgrade this service as we undertake other system improvements and we look forward to your feedback.

David C. Stalfort
Captain, U. S. Coast Guard
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United States Coast Guard
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Phone: (304) 433-3400
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This service is great, I just got one today about my Chief Mate application passing medical and it is definitely faster than the Homeport website. Plus the best part is it keeps you from wasting time stalking the site to see what’s going on with your application. :smiley: