Australian Navy Ships Evacuate 1,000 People Trapped by Bushfires2


I have had to keep checking on the title of this thread and so would like to bring it back on topic for a moment. This is some words of praise for the Far Saracen written on social media, by someone who I think was a volunteer with the Australian emergency services. It was quoted in the Towline Newsletter.:

“I’m on my way home after a week away helping out at Mallacoota. There’s been a lot of stories about the Army and Navy efforts in the area. I’ve spent the week onboard the rig tender Far Saracen. They arrived on scene days before the other services with a crew of 14 Aussie and Kiwi sailors.They have worked around the clock to keep us going. They worked tirelessly looking after sick people, the elderly, infants even special needs teenagers. They fed us. Gave us beds. Even made sure we had clean uniforms and underwear. They maintained our boats and kept an eye on them while we slept. They did this all while supplying Mallacoota with food, water and diesel. They did all of this on top of running the ship. This was the most organised and professional work place that I have ever seen. The ship was the most immaculately presented and maintained workplace that I’ve been to. On land or sea. I’m not trying to take away from the efforts of emergency services and military. The captain and crew of this ship deserve to be recognised. Their family and friends need to know how good they are at what they do and what they have done for the town of Mallacoota. As you all know I’m not big on social media. If you’ve bothered to read to this point can you please help me spread the message and hopefully if makes it to some of the family and friends of this fantastic bunch of proud Australian seafarers.” The poster was Chris John Nairey.