ATBs in the Baltics

There appears to be more ATBs in the Baltic than I knew about:

ATBs are fairly rare in the Baltic Sea, but they do exist. Here are a few more examples:

Mega-Motti was originally a Finnish ATB that was sold to Canada. The tug was converted from an old Port of Helsinki port icebreaker and could probably still work as such without the barge.

The Finnish oil company Neste used to own have bitumen ATBs. The tugs were again converted and, after the barges were sold overseas, they were converted back to normal port tugs by removing the added deck.

There was also a pair of bulk ATBs that were sold for scrap a few years ago:

Then there’s of course the famous bulk ITB system which features the only purpose-built pusher vessels in Finland; all others were conversions where the barges were built afterwards.

There was a converted tug that used the aforementioned ITB barges in ATB configuration. It sank in a storm in 2004, taking one of the barges with it.


Then there are of course these cousins-once-removed - the detachable icebreaking bows pushed by tugs: