Are you a Captain?

In the case of “barge captain” they don’t normally even have an OUPV (6 pack), they are just an AB Tankerman so they don’t have any level of license.

wonder what their reasoning is on not accepting lower licenses than 500 grt?

They made the change about 10 years ago… before that they only accepted Unlimited guys and Pilots. If I remember correctly they proposed opening membership to limited guys and debate ensued with a few wanting everyone with a license to join and some wanting no limited guys… this is just what the committee settled on.

so it seems majority ruled that 100 grt and 200 grt weren’t sufficient.I currently hold a 1600 grt, but can’t help being offended by that a little bit. I came up the hawsepipe and although i feel more competent and wordly with my upgrade a few years ago, I hold myself to the same professional standards as I did on my 19th birthday when my 100 grt master was issued.
if anything, I’m less of a prick now then when I first started running boats.

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I’m going to settle this once and for all.


No, no… that’s not how comittees work. More like a minority of members of an organization to which a minority of Masters belong. I doubt anyone here was in attendance (I certainly wasn’t).

I prefer to be just some grumpy old guy on a computer.

I come from a seafaring area. I have relatives going back as long as records exist mostly just merchant seaman. A few were Master Mariners. In more recent times Some Chief Engineers.
It meant something.
Some old retired guys were always known as Captain or Chief or Bosun.
I always figured they earned it.

When started out I always called the Capt. Capt. it would never have occurred to me to call him anything else. I said sir to the Mate once. He informed me. He wasn’t my f!@#$%g school teacher.

It felt funny the first time one of the crew called me Mr Mate or Chief. I never really got used to Capt.
I only ever sailed with two guys who really were entiteled to be called Capt. One had held an commission as a Capt. in the army. The other held a commission as a full 4 ring Navy Capt. I believe he was in charge of a whole fleet. He had retired from the Navy and was working for me as a relief Mate, it felt really odd when he called me Capt. I was half his age.

I haven’t sailed as a Master for several years. Yet some people will still introduce me as Capt. Or call me Capt.
I use my own name its much more comfortable.

The tradition where I grew up I was a Mate not an Officer. I moved on and it was Officer not a Mate.
I still prefer Mate. I never held a commission. My first certificate was 2nd Mate FGN I Also Hold a Chief Mate FGN And Master Mariner.
The history of both the title and the original certification go way back to the Days of James Cook.
He was a Masters Mate then a Sailing Master. When he sailed around the world he was a Luetenant.
The Sailing Master and His Mates were the senior warrant officers on an old Royal Navy Ship.
They had to write exams to qualify.

Today Officer Of The Watch. Seams to be the norm.

Call me what you like just not late for dinner.

Far as I am concerned. If you ever sailed a day as a Capt. I have no problem calling you Capt.


The obvious reason why CAMM decided to let in limited license guys is that they need our dues to support their overhead — while they continue to look down their nose at us.

How many people hold a US Master Unlimited? 3000 ? How many are retired or permenantly ashore? 2000 of them? How many have not taken the STCW gap closing courses and are unable to sail? Three quarters of them? How many of the active mariners with Master Unlimited have sailed as Master — 500?

Given how few US flag ships there are, and how many guys got their Master Unlimited sitting on stationary oil rigs, I don’t think there are very many US licensed Masters that have commanded a foreign going ship over 5000 GRT. That would be a small club.


Now don’t be snobby about us drilling mariners. Just because a ship is sitting in one spot most of the time doesn’t mean she isn’t continuously trying to go somewhere else! It’s easy to make a ship go from point A to point B, not so much to keep her in one spot with out anchors. Now let the steam rolling begin! Lol


A good watch is no log entries…

A have a limited masters license, but feel funny when people call me Captain since I have no sea time in that capacity. I’ve never used the Master Mariner term for myself. The only time I can recall using the term Captain for myself is when I’m writing a cover letter and know one of the potential job openings is for a Captain within my tonnage limitation, so I tell them I want to work for them as a Captain.

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Here’s a brand new one …

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Back in the days of manned scows, they wanted to called Captain. So, there was an old saying that was used, “don’t call me Captain, I can read and write”. This comes from most scows “captains” could not read and write.

As a CE, I always call the Captain Cap. “Morning Cap” for an example. One on one it was first names. They usually did the same for me when introducing me.

To me it’s just a way of showing respect, which is very rare now a days.


Only reason I put so much time and money into studying and all is so that I could introduce myself as captain. I don’t actually want the job, just the title…

In all reality, I have found that those who introduce themselves as captain typically aren’t the type of people I’m compatible with.

Don’t get me started on the charter boat guys who walk up and down the harbor throwing it around all day. Ugh…

I have it on my business cards, though, those mostly get handed out to yachties for delivery or boat handling lesson type work. They like it, and if it means it makes them like me enough to hand over a day rate to teach them how to drive their joystick boat that’s fine by me.


I need to do this…

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