Anyone Ever Played Ship Simulator Extremes?

I have been reading and watching videos about it, but I haven’t gotten to know what I need to know. Is it just a game or is it a possible (or passable) training aid? The thing I really want to know is if the inland expansion has rivers with current effects. Anyone have this game or play it? Is it any good?

I would think it’s just a game. A real simulator cost upwards of 200k and more of course. If you want a laugh check out this you tube

Quite funny watching the Brit try and figure out the bow thruster and pods for maneuvering. Could you learn something from the game? Would depend on your professional knowledge base I suppose.

I have the game and have played it. As a training aid I’d say it’s not to accurate unless you have a specialist input method. I played it for a bit to get an idea of driving a z drive boat and it gave me minimal help simply because I didn’t have an input device set up like a z drive throttle

Make me wonder when schools are building these simulators who is doing the programming? Wonder what a tug simulator would be like if some of the Xbox game inventors teamed up with the ship simulator engineers?

I have it. It’s okay, but it does take a fair bit of computer horsepower to run well. It’s fun at first, but I got bored with it quickly. If you are interested in it try the demo first to make sure it will run on your computer, we have three computers in my house and the program won’t run on two of them.