Anyone? Do they exist?

Does anyone know what companies have non-union US flagged ships over 1600tons?? Are there any companies with the exception of OSG and Polar that have unlimited tonnage vessels and are not unionized?

Been working as a mate on limited tonnage vessels but looking get my 2nd Mate Unlimited.

ATC, ECO, Chevron, Bouchard Transportation Co, Inc.

They’re very few and far between.

Woods Hole is non union, but the pay isn’t great. The same is true for basically all other research vessels, non union but low pay.

Join AMO and call the dispatcher at least every week, maybe twice a week. You don’t pay anything to the union until you get on a ship.


Since when does Bouchard have anything other than tugs?

Besides ECO, Hornebeck, Harvey Gulf, Jackson offshore all have vessels larger than 1600 tons. Most of the larger OSV’s are over 1600 ton but because of the 6,000, 10,000, and 3,000 ITC 1600 ton mates and masters can run them.

While any OSV over 3,000 GT ITC counts as unlimited tonnage, now isn’t really a time when one can hope to get a job on one. Especially without DP.

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DP would definitely be required, but hornebeck has been on a hiring frenzy the past couple weeks and almost all of there PSV’s have been moving around Fourchon. So it wouldn’t be a horrible time to get a foot in the door. DP class isn’t that hard and It would take maybe a year to get a full dp ticket depending on how busy the boat was

It’s better than being unemployed but I wouldn’t leave a stable job for Hornbeck.


Don’t go to OSG. They’re having a tough time.

  • ATC is part of OSG now (they bought the other guys out now they wholly own and operate ATC)
  • I forgot about Chevron but they seem difficult to get in with
  • ECO, I don’t have DP. Are there unlimited boats without it?
  • Bouchard, I am try to get away from tugs. I need unlimited time

I’m not interested in taking a step back (aka a pay cut) to get my DP. Looking for none DP boats

Right now, I heard people are waiting for 9 months plus to get a job, some who haven’t been able to get a job for more than a year. I also know some people who were able to graduate after others and somehow get hired right away. I don’t like the corruption and the back dooring. I don’t want to be part of a union that favors the people with connections over merit and work integrity. I have always worked on vessels that reward based on merit and work ethic not because your daddy was a captain.

Also I would most likely get pigeon-holed on the AMO ATBs because I have a Mate of Tow thus not achieving my goal.

Question rephrased. Do any US flagged unlimited tonnage, non-union, non-DP, non-tankers exist?

Yes, though they are often research ships versus working cargo ships. The R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer crewed by ECO comes to mind as an example.

I have no idea if Schuyler Line Navigation Company is union but you might check them out.

You can get unlimited time at Bouchard Transportation Co. ATC is owned by OSG but it operates independently. All of the drilling contractors are non-union and unlimited size. Transocean, Noble Drilling, Seadrill, etc.

You have just limited yourself to research and MSC if you want US flagged. Why does US flag matter?

Schulyer Navigation is MMP Deck and Engine. Working on the R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer would be interesting I will try to pursue that more.

  • You can’t get unlimited time at Bouchard Transportation Co. They have all ATBs no ITBs. UNLESS they are just writing sea letters regardless of tonnage regulations. Do you know if they are writing unlimited tonnage letters for sure? If so I wouldn’t mind going over there to just get the time needed for my 2nd Mate unlimited.

  • ATC jobs are posted on the OSG website and handled by them. I will be applying to their open apps but they are often just collecting resumes and according to @New3M the company is apparently hurting.

  • Transocean, noble, etc ???..I assume -->All DP required

US flag doesn’t particularly matter.
I wouldn’t mind working on a foreign flag ship that hires American and has competitive wages (TE Subcom comes to mind but I need DP and they are AMO). I don’t particularly want to work on a foreign flag ship and make horrible wages. I saw some online adds for 3rd officer positions listing monthly salaries anywhere from 4.5k to 2.7k a month!!! conveniently with no vacation and no benefits! If you know of any other foreign flagged ships that will hire Americans and that pay well, please let me know.

It’s been a while since I’ve sailed scab, but does anyone know the GT of the M/V Excellence at Premier Pacific?
I heard the Scrapped the Ocean Phoenix, and bought the current ship, I think it may be unlimited tonnage, for that matter are there any U.S. flag factory ships/trawlers that are unlimited?