Any other Mom's that sail?

Hi, I was wondering if there are any other Mom’s on here? I am looking to return to some sort of shipping, preferably something short in and out, but was wondering if any other women had kids that stayed home while they were away? I am just curious about ages (the kids) and amount of time out and in, also any issues you have with it. Or if it is great, I would love to hear that too! Thanks!


Great questions!

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My kids are in their 30’s…but were born while I was in the Navy and it was tough to leave them. I sail now but at their present age obviously it’s not an issue.


Thanks. If you don’t mind me asking, how young were they when you were away for an extended period? How long was the longest you were out? Who did they stay with while you were away? :slightly_smiling_face:

I was in my 20’s, and did a couple of six month deployments and several shorter ones. I was on repair ships. They stayed with Dad and sometimes Grandma. Not much different than how it’s done today I suppose. Except there was no email, no Skype, no cell phones and we relied on letters and postcards.


I hear good things about the website Women Offshore and they have a mentorship program. I bet they could put you in touch with other women who have first hand experience.

Check out too. Lots of women out there!


Thank you so much. I checked out the site and it is amazing. Such personal accounts and one is a new mom that goes to sea, so grateful :blush: