Anchor chain misalignment

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Got the below vetting remark on one of our vessels. I cannot seem to find out how to solve it, but I think it has an easy solution and I am maybe overlooking something :

The starboard side anchor was observed slightly slack approximately 30cm out of home position due to mis-alignment of anchor chain cable and anchor chain stopper.

Does somebody have an idea how I can advice the vessel how to align anchor cable and chain stopper ? It seems at the moment they cannot heave the anchor anymore completely in her correct position.

Thanks for any advice.

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Are you saying you have a twist in it?

Stop off each end and muscle it out with pry bars. Unless you have a place to hang a chain hoist.

Rig the stoppers such that the weight on the links you want to flip over is minimum.

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On my ship the riding pawl can be moved forward and aft by adjusting plates that hold it in position.

Thanks for the help and reply. I will check with the vessel and ask them if they can see any twist.

The twist would be between the wildcat and the riding pawl.

Or take a thick piece of steel (I use a 10" blank) and heave up and shove it under the chain as it gets to the riding pawl. Then grab those prybars and pry.

Chain can become twisted if the anchor swivel becomes seized and doesn’t turn.

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In my experience the twist comes from the anchor chain jumping the wildcat when the chain is allowed to pay out to fast.

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Here’s a photo of a chain with a twist (turns 90 degrees) in it between the wildcat (chainwheel) and the riding chock.