AMO Votes 2018

AMO Votes 2018 American Maritime Officers, AMO Election Year 2018, Inland, Great Lakes, Deep Sea. 

Ready to Vote?
Ready to Run?
Ready to make this the biggest AMO Election Turnout Ever?
Ready to Demand Your Ballot be sent to your Home Address and Ship Address?
Ready to ask for Web Based Voting?
Ready to Read the AMO Constitution Section on Election Rules?
Ready to be Elected to AMO Office?
IS Your Vote Ready for Change, or Keep it all the Same, THAT’s what Your Vote Does.
Ready to Speak at AMO Monthly Membership Meetings, the Microphone is ALWAYS Ready to hear you?
Ready to Make Sure All AMO has the Chance to Vote?
Ready to have your Nomination Letter in June 2018
Ready in DGAR, Saipan, Great Lakes and Inland to have your vote count. Demand Your Ballot in 2018?

Ready- Joe Stropole for AMO National VP- Government Relations

Ready to represent the hard working men and women of AMO.

Andrew A. Nelson for AMO National Secretary-Treasurer in 2018.

Just waiting on the official word regarding the nominations…

6-6-18-report.pdf (69.5 KB)

The Credentials Committee has spoken- see the above!