American shipbuilding: An anchor for economic and national security

“Don’t give up the ship!” These were Capt. James Lawrence’s dying words defending the USS Chesapeake during the War of 1812. Over 200 years later, the United States Navy and America’s critical shipbuilding industry are issuing the same cry from shipyards across our nation.

Here is a simple truth: A true renaissance of America’s shipbuilding industry will require a large-scale overhaul and new strategy before it can churn out the ships we urgently need to maintain our status as the greatest maritime power in world history.
American shipbuilding: An anchor for economic and national security

Mr. Navarro, author of the article, is an assistant to the president. The person tasked with coming up with solutions. He lists none. The article lists problems, problems, problems, and never once mentions solutions, solution, solutions. Why is the author even writing it? To highlight his political uselessness?

Where are the administration’s plans for bipartisan support of the shipbuilding industry?

Where is the list of bipartisan senators the administration is working with closely to address the issue?

Where is the detailed response to the 500-pound gorilla in the room: How do you deal with foreign shipbuilding subsidies, something that has been going on since before you all were born?

We know the problems, Mr. Navarro. Why haven’t you come up with detailed solutions?


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