Amenities on board

Bunk beds? F that. Haven’t seen them since the training ship. Single beds, single room only. Should be a given

You must not be on a OSV.

I have to have my orange mocha frappachino when I come up on watch or else I just can’t work.

Watch just isn’t he same without it. My AB tells me he adds a special secret ingredient to make it just right. He won’t tell me what it is though.

Sheep semen. My OS does the same thing. I personally prefer to take the mocachinno as an enema and it is just so nice to work for a company where that kind of amenity is available. I’ll take an enema over satellite internet any day! Yippee!!!

[QUOTE=KrustySalt;139233]You must not be on a OSV.[/QUOTE]

Same goes for drill ships. Even with POB of 200+ Only 7-10 one man rooms. Being C/M or 1A/E does not mean you will get a one man room, more likely a matchbox bunk bed room subject to a roomie any time …

the new HOS Red etc. boats have accommodations for 48. Only 2 single bunk rooms!

You can get more out of a relaxed, entertained, well fed Mariner, than you can of a mariner who is allowed to workand sleep only

For the ones who say lets go old ways of doing it. Remember at one time boats were rowed and actually navigated celestially. There is this word we call progress. These boats make great day rates. Give back to the crew and savings will be seen elsewhere

[QUOTE=snacktray;139225]Where do I get this? I want this![/QUOTE]

When I post job information pay attention and make the contacts suggested. That’s how.

Internet access for crew is easy. It is quite normal to set up the bandwidth access and sharing rules. Only sometimes does the crew get shut down. And don’t even think of using BitTorrent or some such. Any one that screws us over with that is toast.

[QUOTE=Bamatug;139207]You ever been on a boat[/QUOTE]

yes, ships also. I am just explaining, that I appreciate those things also, but I am not turning down a job on a vessel that does not have all the ammenties stated or even after getting a job asking Mr. HR what amenities are onboard.

I would. You’ve never heard of job benefits? Whether or not a company puts various amenities on a vessel shows how competitive they want to be. If it’s a prison ship where you can just take your day rate, and you get a cot and three meals…well let’s be honest even inmates get cable TV and a library.

If a company wants to show that it’s interested in retaining it’s employees its going to try to make us happy. If they DGAF about the crews then you won’t get paid training, travel, and at least some onboard recreation. I’m not asking for all of that but I wouldn’t take a crappy day rate an none of it.

No company has ever made it without keeping and retaining valuable employees. I work hard bit also like to play hard. I cant walk off a boat when im off duty, so give me some amenities to enjoy that time.
Its proven again and again invest in your employee and he will work more efficiently and the quantity of work done will also increase

I was on a ship a couple of years ago that I never saw a newspaper, magazine, or new movie. It was like a floating homeless shelter. I don’t want to mention any names but the initials were, H-O-R-I-Z-O-N-PA-C-I-F-I-C.

[QUOTE=RichM;139475]I was on a ship a couple of years ago that I never saw a newspaper, magazine, or new movie. It was like a floating homeless shelter. I don’t want to mention any names but the initials were, H-O-R-I-Z-O-N-PA-C-I-F-I-C.[/QUOTE]

Ah Horizon Lines! A truer shit stain on the US flag cannot be found save for good ol’ TAL (BUT NOT BY MUCH!)

We have DirectTV, internet, sat phone, movies from the Navy rotation, most of our ships have a gym of some sort (some better, some not). I am fairly anti-social so I bring a laptop and some DVD movies I like and hole up in my room after work. For me, an ipod is a must for music and podcasts.

However, on our ships, a single room is hit or miss, usually miss, unless you have a license or are an almighty survey tech.

Oh yeah, and some of the heads and showers on the Fairweather and Rainier are in the passageway so you get to meet and greet your neighbors wrapped in a towel on the way to do your morning ablutions. Makes for some interesting times.

Oh come on CC, TAL isn’t that bad!! Heck, you earn a little salt if you make it off there alive!

I actually managed to watch the first season of Miami Vice on that ship over the course of 100 days on that ship. Also had the pleasure of replacing a head while dead in the water and a 1000 miles from land…But ya, it was quite miserable at times.

As small vessels, tugs have limited amenities, but newer boats are a lot nicer than older boats. I have yet to see sat internet, sat Direct TV with movies and sports, and so on, but there is no good reason why we should not have these modest cost amenities.I have had to install Sirus XM radio on several boats myself.