Amendments to 46 CFR 15.111 / Changes in hours of work and rest

You guys see these?

Recording hours of rest? Can’t wait to see how THAT unfolds

I’ve had to do it on the past few vessels that I have worked on but it will get gun decked…

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I worked on foreign flagged cruise ships for 10yrs and for about the last 8 we had to keep records of our hours of rest. It really wasn’t that big of a deal. If you worked 8-4 and then 20-24, all you would have to do on the piece of grid paper was put an “X” in the squares of the hours that you didn’t work. Then at the end of the month you sign your name, thats it.

I’ve heard some other people onboard complaining about this too.
Since I’m used to doing it already I really don’t understand what the big deal is. Am I missing something?

We just started doing. Its just BS paper work

There’s a surprise! BUT, it does employ several more people at the charter office to keep track of these important items! Interesting concept of job security. If there isn’t enough work to warrant your job, mandate something else to justify your existence. Bleech.